All Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary tours include a warm welcoming from both the two and four legged creatures of Trowunna and a personalised interactive tour. The tour allows the visitors the opportunity to learn from the helpful, passionate keepers and get close to some of the special animals of Trowunna, where you can cuddle a wombat and watch the devil feeding. The keepers will also provide your guests with feed so they can hand feed the free-ranging kangaroos, wallabies, ducks and swans.

Aside from our daily interactive tours, we also provide other services for the more discerning nature lover.

Types of tours

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We also provide specialised tours for our partnered tour providers: Pepperbush Adventures, Inala Nature Tours, & AJPR.


Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary has parking facilities to accommodate coaches and also picnic facilities for the enjoyment of all visitors to Trowunna. You are more than welcome to bring your own morning tea and or lunch and or afternoon tea.