Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary has a long history of assisting various productions in getting the visuals they need. If you need shots of Tasmania's lush forests, platypus frolicking in the water, or Tasmanian devils in their natural habitat, Trowunna has the expertise to help you fulfil your brief.

Our Location Scout/Assistant has 30+ years experience in assisting productions getting the shots and locations they need. Let us know what you need and we'll get it for you (or tell you if we can't).

Take a look at some of our previous clients' productions:

Many of our clients have won awards for their filming work at Trowunna, such as NHNZs The Devil's Playground and The Case of the Baby Faced Assassin. Other top quality works include Living Edens Tasmania and Devil Diary.

Our most recent work was in assisting the makers of The Hunter.

For more footage taken at Trowunna, please head over to the videos section of our Gallery page.

Please fill in the form below and our Location Scout will get back to you ASAP.