Captive Management

Dasyurid captive management courses

Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary provides the Dasyurid Captive Management Course as an industry endorsed training program. The program was developed for the captive management and husbandry of Tasmanian devils and quolls. The course was designed so participants learn through practical hands on experience and theory including a series of lectures, audiovisual presentations and demonstrations. At the end of the course the participants will be able to demonstrate the skills necessary for successful Dasyurid husbandry (including safe handling), breeding, display and exhibit design.       

This two part course is divided into a number of sequential modules. 

The first part of the course being offered (Module 1) consists of competency in Dasyurid husbandry for display, focusing on Tasmanian Devils.
The second part (Module 2) consists of advanced husbandry for breeding and exhibit design. The course is run as two separate intense 3-day modules at two different times of the year. The modules were coordinated around key life cycle times of the year for Dasyurids.

The next Tasmanian Devil Training Course will be held on location at Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mole Creek.

Tasmanian Devil and Dasyurid Captive Management Course

  • 3 day intensive course only - $1,300pp

Dates for 2020 Modules

  • Module 2
    February 18 - 20

  • Module 1
    November 24 - 26

Dates for 2021 Modules

  • Module 2

 February 23 - 25

  • Module 1

  November 23- 25

*Note Module 1 and 2 can be undertaken in any order.

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