The Role of Zoos

The role of the modern day zoo extends far beyond the mere exhibition of animals for inquisitive minds or for exploitation. Conservation is now considered one of the primary objectives of zoos and aquariums.

ZAA member institutions are committed to many projects that lend support to the conservation of animals in the wild (inisitu conservation).

Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary is a bio-diverse environment; flora and fauna, a living example of the philosophy and mission statement of ZAA - World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.


Our Conservation Efforts

Trowunna has always been interested in conservation. We promote conservation through education.

Here at Trowunna, we are very active in breeding animals that are declining in the wild, most notably, the Tasmanian devil. Currently and historically Trowunna is the most successful place for the breeding of Tasmanian devils, so we share our success and knowledge with those willing to learn, through our Tasmanian Devil Training Courses. Trowunna is committed primarily to the in-situ conservation projects for the Tasmanian devil and the Spotted-tailed quoll.

The Tasmanian Devil Conservation Grant Fencing Project at Trowunna is complete and operational. The new bio-secure fencing will enable the Tasmanian devils at Trowunna to be incorporated into the ZAA– DPIWE insurance program of the intense captive component of the Save the Tasmanian Devil program. The new enclosures which vary in size will house up to 38 devils comfortably. Trowunna staff have been working hard to ensure the enclosures are stimulating, to ensure optimum devil enrichment. The welfare of animals is paramount to all at Trowunna and they are exercised daily as part of the continual wildlife management regime over the past 37 years.