Education is vital to any conservation effort.

Trowunna delivers educational benefits in several ways. Whether you take part in our daily interactive tours, visit the Devil Education & Research Centre, visit on a school group tour, or attend one of our captive management courses and workshops, you will leave with up-to-date information of the plights that face our Tasmanian fauna.

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Daily interactive tours

Tours occur daily at 11am, 1pm & 3pm. On these tours, you'll get the opportunity to get up close to some of our many marvellous residents. The tours culminate with the Tasmanian devil feeding, so make your visit captivating, educational, and memorable by interacting with our residents.

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Devil Education and Research Centre

The Devil Education and Research Centre aims to highlight the unique carnivorous mammals that live in Tasmania. Featuring the unique biology and ecology of the Spotted-tailed quoll, Eastern quoll, and Tasmanian devil. Included are skulls, life-size cut-outs, and research information.

School group tours

Trowunna is a great place for school groups to learn about nature in a natural environment. Trowunna leads the way in devil breeding and management and runs devil care courses for zoo keepers from all over the world.

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Captive management courses

The Tasmanian Devil Dasyurid Captive Management course - Androo Kelly has taught over 60 participants in the past 10 years. His expertise in Tasmanian Devil husbandry has positively impacted the current and future welfare of the Tasmanian Devils. The participants have come from zoos and wildlife parks across the state; country and internationally.

If you, or your staff, are interested in the Tasmanian Devil Dasyurid Captive Management course, click here to go to the training course page.